5 Must-Have Marketing Resources To Promote Your Blog

5 Must-Have Marketing Resources To Promote Your Blog

Weather you want to express your thoughts, expand your online presence, find people with the same interests as you or change minds; writing a blog can be a great option for those people who enjoy writing.

Why not? You could truly make an impact on readers. Best of all, you do not need to spend a fortune. All you need is to choose a topic you are passionate about and let your creativity fly.

The second step is promotion. The more you promote your blog, the more traffic you will get. Apart from online advertising, offline-marketing strategies can drive successful results. Often-overlooked but effective marketing techniques can raise awareness for your blog. So, which printed marketing resources can help you promote your blog? Take a look at some of them:


If you want to be unique you need two things: personalized bookmarks and high quality materials; for example I use these guys for my printing projects. Custom bookmarks are a great way to increase your blog exposure. Hand them out whenever you hand out your business cards. Bookmarks can be a small token of appreciation to those people who have shown interest in your blog. Make sure to grab peopleís attention by creating a nice-looking design.

Include your blog info and your site address- or simply add a QR code that send people directly to your website. The colors, layout, typography and images you choose for your website transmit the essence of your blog, so design your bookmarks accordingly making a good first impression to those people who havenít visited your blog. Make the topic of your blog clear on your bookmarks and add a quote or a testimonial.

2. T-shirts

Wear a custom t-shirt- you can order them here– to display your commitment to your blog. Aside from sitting down to write for hours, researching for sources with rich information and editing carefully to generate articles that engage readers; you need to show people you are proud of your blog and you are pleased to connect with readers.

Promotional t-shirts have the ability to captivate peopleís attention. Hand your personalized t-shirts to your family and friends. Bear in mind that as well as your writing requires imagination; your t-shirts design needs a pinch of creativity. Remember: details matter and quality is your best ally.

Bonus tip: Choose a small image that represents your blog identity. Use humor if possible.

3. MousePads

Today, the vast majority of workers sit in front of a computer screen for at least eight hours a day. It is my case and probably yours too. Mainly for this reason, it is useful to receive mouse pads because they are convenient and always welcomed. Use mousepads as gifts for trade shows, events and conferences. Promotional mousepads can help you spread the word about your blog. Choose colors wisely and include a quote to keep people inspired and motivated during their working hours.

4. Mugs

Not only promotional mugs give your blog exposure in the office, at home and even while on the go, they can also be an incentive for those active readers or people who have contributed to the recognition of your blog when used as giveaways. Get these promotional products to convey your blog image and add value to your site in terms of enhancing its reputation. Place a single image to get a balanced look on your mug.

5. Bumper Stickers

By putting bumper stickers on your car you are getting your brand noticed. Think outside the box. Try coming up with different ideas to maximize your promotion potential. Your website address may be difficult to retain as drivers have only a few seconds to take a look at your sticker. Consider; for example, using keywords or a representative picture of your blog. Bumper stickers are like traveling billboards that communicate your message across the city!

What really matters is to keep innovating with custom advertising tools. Try implementing the above-mentioned offline marketing resources to promote your blog without the Internet. We hope you find this article useful. What other marketing tools have you considered when promoting your blog? We are always interested in hearing your thoughts. Please share your experiences in your comments below.

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