5 Steps To Creating Your Own Online Store on Facebook

5 Steps To Creating Your Own Online Store on Facebook

There is no stopping the people buying products from internet and the number of users thronging online for product purchases is exploding consistently. Today, ecommerce websites are trying to allure people across the globe to brandish their products and services.

In fact, it wasn’t too easy for many companies a few years ago. But, a simple factor that has ultimately changed the entire performance of ecommerce upside down is the social media evolution. Of course, the introduction of social media market into the market has really re-defined the marketing strategies of most online companies and has aided them reap rich benefits. However, there are still some companies that didn’t want to make use of the social media to the fullest to make their businesses successful. Keep in mind, ecommerce marketing strategies without social media influence mayn’t bring in the rich dividends as expected. Well, on deciding to re-define your marketing techniques, the simplest and easiest strategy you could adopt to for improving business, weather it is an apparel/accessories store, machinery, electronics, food business, gadgets, demographic businesses like asian or european or business incorporating in Canada and US or other western companies, is by setting up your own online store on Facebook.

This article would help numerous businesses and commercial organizations that want to promote their sales using Facebook. Let’s get into the topic of creating Facebook online store.

Step 1 – Creating Online Facebook Store

Well, if you do have an online web store on the robust Magento platform, then it becomes easy to add an online store to the Facebook effortlessly. However, you need an extension that acts as the perfect interface between your online web store and Facebook. In fact, Magento is known for its scalability and high-performing features. Today, Magento comes up with surplus extensions that help business grow massively. One such extension capable of connecting your ecommerce website with the Facebok page is “Magento Facebook App.” Buy this nifty extension from a reputed shop and install it in your website. It is quite easy and install; in addition, it costs only on the lower side. On adding the “Magento Facebook App” to your website, you’ll be allowed to create your new online store on the Facebook page quite effectively.

Facebook online store

Step 2 – Creating Facebook Shop Front

After you have set up an online store, you still need some vital factors to make it more attractive and really compelling to make sales for your business. The factors like content, colors, customizing, style aspects are extremely crucial for setting up a dream-come-true store which pulls more crowd toward your site. The product page content should be clear, crisp, and effective. Try to add some innovative touch to the content to impress your visitors. As everyone knows visibility of the product page holds the key for success of online business, pick a perfect color combination while setting up the shop front that works great for your business. Add banners with commending titles to divert the attention of the customers toward your business page. Add some customizing options to make it easier for the visitors to buy the product. Make the entire page look stylish and elegant which makes the customers irresistible to your products. Each and everything that I have mentioned in this section is quite possible with the help of fantastic Magento Facebook App.

5 Steps To Creating Your Own Online Store on Facebook

Step 3 – Add necessary details to the Facebook store

In fact, merely setting up an online Facebook store is never going to help you bring in revenue. You need to add some interesting information in the page to excite customers. Create your own profile using the Magento Facebook app. Provide necessary information which most customers expect when they visit your shop. Some common information customers usually expect in online shopping stores are shipping, contact, payment information apart from the terms and conditions. Providing all the relevant information on the Facebook shop would higher the probability of the customer visit which in turn promotes your sales.

Facebook online store

Step 4 – Include categories and categorize products

Well, adding different categories and categorizing products is a great way to please customers. Adding multiple products and sorting the products based on the categories would aid the customers to navigate the products quite effectively. A shopping cart page without any categories and product categorization makes it a cumbersome process for customers and most customers will be in no man’s land which product to go for and how to search them effectively. So, load your shopping cart with specific categories and add your products with respective the categories.

Facebook online store

Step 5 – Handle orders effectively

Use different powerful order tracking view offered to achieve a complete access to the orders that have been placed by the customers. The entire track record of the customer movements can be easily studied using this fantastic app. In addition, you don’t have to leave your account in order the track the details of the customer orders as this app offers interesting features to accomplish the entire task well within the Facebook page (by garcia). So, you have the complete access over your entire sales and customer orders now.

Facebook online store

Well, the above-said simple steps would help you a great deal in setting up a Facebook shop on your own. I don’t want to stop just with this! I just want to drop a few benefits on installing your online store on Facbeook page. Say for instance, if you have customer who buys a product from the Facebook page, if he likes it he can easily recommend the product to his friends or others using the “recommend” button on the Facebook page which comes along with the plugin. Any product recommended in the Facebook creates a huge response from others which in turn drives enormous traffic to your website leading to rich sales. So, by all means setting up an online store on the Facebook is a brilliant move to trigger your business prospects. So, don’t wait any longer and kick start your online campaign today by creating an excellent online store on Facebook.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article and proved useful to many.


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