8 Reasons to Go for the Flat Design

8 Reasons to Go for the Flat Design

The life of a web designer is not easy at all; he or she has a lot of decisions to make before actually getting down to business and because of that the completion of a task could be quite slow and painstaking.

Anyway, the following lines will help you deal with the choice of the right design technique. There will be presented the main reasons why you should choose the flat design for your future projects?

But, the first thing you should know is that the flat design is quite controversial, since there are some people who claim that it has some problems in interfaces with some complexity, while others say that it is user centered, usable and very efficient. However, in order to see which side you are on, you should learn more about the features and advantages of this technique, which is why you should direct your attention towards the following paragraphs.

1. There are no 3-D effects

In order to begin enumerating the reasons why this is this is the right choice one must mention the fact that with the flat design there are no 3-D effects, no unnecessary elements, no shadows, no gradients, and so on. As a result it deals with a two dimensional nature, in which colors, typography and white space matter a lot.

2. It is very efficient

Due to the fact that there are no cluttering elements, your visitors will find much easier the things they need, which will make your website efficient and effective. Also, there is something else that will please your audience a lot: because people won’t have a problem in finding immediately what they were looking for, your web page will prove to be time saving as well. And we all know how important time is! In other words, this efficient design will help you keep your audience and it will even make it grow.

3. It is beautiful and refreshing

The reason why the flat design could be characterized as appealing and as a fresh breath of air is due to the fact that it has a minimalistic nature which people regard as very modern and fresh. It is true that when creating something web designers put the usability first and the appearance second, but with the flat design you could have them both, thus creating quite a beautiful environment for your customers.

4. It is trendy

Times change, everything improves and as result the web artist should pay attention to these changes, in order to perfect his or her way of creating a web page. Besides that, if you are stubborn and if you don’t embrace the change your work will have a lot to suffer. Thus, update your ways of designing because this way your pieces of work will become better, people will visit you and you will continue to make money.

5. It is faster to design

I bet you have taken various projects that had a tight deadline, so far. Well, time will no longer represent a problem with the flat design, since there are no effects to create, no additional elements to include and no flashy icons to place here and there. You will just have to focus on emphasizing the main idea of the website and thus you will be able to respect the deadline and to please your customers.

6. It is easier to become responsive

You all know that responsive web designs are very fashionable these days, precisely because people no longer access the Internet just from their computer screens but from their mobile phones as well. But, because of the minimalistic style of the flat design, websites presenting this technique will have their content scaled easily on various screen sizes.

7. It is not boring

Some believe that this is too dull and monotonous because it lacks effects and patterns. Well, these people are not right because bright and beautiful colors compensate for these so-called shortcomings. This means that whenever the designer wants to put emphasis on a certain call to action button or link this will be possible with the help lively colors. In other words, flat designs may be simple and minimalistic, but when it comes to colors these are full of live.

8. The texts are to the point

In one of the previous paragraphs it was mentioned the fact that flat designs help people save their time. Well then, it is a must to post texts that do not include unnecessary lines, so that people will be able to find the information they need faster. Not to mention that without the cluttering chunks of text, your readers will understand much easier what you are trying to say and thus they will be able to complete their tasks without much fuss. Also, as far as this matter is concerned you should know that if you will choose sans serif typography then your texts will appear clean and organized.

Anyway besides of these eight reasons what should totally convince you to pick the flat design is the fact that it puts the users in the center of attention, or in other words the user is king / queen when it comes to the flat design. From looking at the words written above you will understand why (by marisol ). Everything is designed in such a manner that will allow people to save their time, to find efficiency, to focus on their tasks, or to understand better what they are dealing with. Of course that making people feel like royalty has its perks. One of these advantages could be the fact that you will become famous for your works, which will bring you more customers. Besides that people will keep visiting your websites because they know there it is possible to find the right thing without much effort.

In the end, it is up to you to decide if a flat design will be the suitable choice for your projects. As you can see there are a lot of reasons why one should go for it, but only the web designer is the one who knows best if this method will help him or her send a message.

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