30 Beautiful Valkyrie Artworks

30 Beautiful Valkyrie Artworks

Often depicted as a female who wields swords or spears and wearing battle armor, Valkyries sweep above battlefields with their beautiful wings or flying chariots and choose the ones who will die in battle.

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50 Of The Best And Most Artistic Magic The Gathering Artworks

Also called MTG or simply Magic Cards, this modern card game is still very popular up to this day with millions of players worldwide. This collectible card game is not only known for its gameplay of 2 or more players but it is also collected and traded because of each card’s artistic illustrations and unique attributes.

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Free To Download Cool Desktop Calendar Wallpapers For July

July has come and Ninjacrunch welcomes you all with a collection of free to download cool desktop calendar wallpapers for the month of July 2011 by some awesome digital artists and photographers.

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40 Cool Samurai Warrior Artworks And Illustrations

The samurai class of feudal Japan shaped the history of the country and gave a lasting impact to Japan’s society because of their achievements in history and their teachings – which is still evident to their modern culture.

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50+ Awesome Elf And Elven Character Digital Art

Elves (or elf for singular) have always been the subject or take part in important characters and roles in countless science fiction fantasy stories, artworks and other digital media. Elves and other elven characters can be seen in many books, novels, video games, movies, animations, concept artworks and a lot more.

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30 Packs Of Grunge And Urban Style Photoshop Custom Shape To Download

Here is a collection of Photoshop custom shape sets for your grunge or urban style digital artworks. You can include these Photoshop CSH files in your Photoshop custom shape tool.

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30+ Post-Apocalyptic Digital Concepts

Post-apocalyptic fiction is a setting wherein a world or a civilization is set after a great cataclysm, worldwide conflict, disaster or destruction.

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40+ Cool Mecha Artworks And Concepts

Called Mecha by the Japanese, these sci-fi and futuristic vehicles or combat machines are usually the concept and subject of many video games, sci-fi or fantasy movies, animations and mangas.

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30 Beautiful And Colorful Fractal Art

Digital art comes with different creative and interesting genres and styles that suits our interests and continues to fill our bottles with creative juices. Fractal art is created by computations of fractal objects or geometric patterns resulting in intricate and often times abstract, colorful and very beautiful designs.

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40+ Of The Most Beautiful Anime Girls Artworks And Illustrations

These digital artworks and illustrations of anime characters are created by very talented mangakas or manga artists, anime artists and animators, poster or book cover artists and other digital or print artists, and even anime or manga fans around the world.

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