Collection of the Best Charity and Non-Profit Organization Website Designs


As the new year comes, there are a lot of businesses, corporations, individuals and groups today that understands the importance of an online presence in the internet. This is also true to charity groups or not for profit organizations. These organizations make their own identity online by putting up a website. This way, they will attract more members or to allow them to reach more people which gives them more popularity.

One of the biggest problems that most of these non-profit organizations is facing is that they would put up a website that doesn’t really appeal to most of the viewers online. This problem would result to losing a big number of potential members or opportunities for their organization to grow. A good website design or at least something that stands out to catch more eyes is very important for these groups because it shows to the people who they are and what they do.

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Santa Clause Illustrations that you or your kids might NOT want to see this Christmas

Scary Santa

Christmas is coming so fast. It is a time when people all around the world commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time of gift-giving and exchange of greeting cards, special meals with family and friends, church celebrations and various decorations of christmas trees, lights, mistletoe etc.

It is also the time when the kids are excited about Santa Clause. Most of them prefer not to sleep and wishing they would see him put the gifts under the Christmas tree. But for these Santa Clause illustrations, the parents and kids may just want to stay inside their room at Christmas eve.

Stick around and take a look at some of these cool illustrations from very talented artists – depicting a bad or a scary Santa Clause that you or your kids may NOT want to see personally.

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