Some Of The Best Video Games Of 2011 Digital Art Concepts

Because there are so many cool and big games that are coming out for 2011, we present you concept art, fan art, wallpapers and digital art media of some of the much awaited video games for this year.

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40 Digital Fantasy Art Concepts Depicting Futuristic Cities and Structures

40 Digital Fantasy Art Concepts Depicting Futuristic Cities and Structures

One of our previous post is about digital artworks of some ancient ruins and structures. Today we are going to showcase you some very creative digital art depicting futuristic cities and structures. These art concepts gives inspiration to 3D animations and video games – showing how this part of the creative world can be complicated yet very artistic and interesting.

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Awesome and Very Creative 3D Texts

Awesome and Very Creative 3D Texts

We looked into some 3-dimensional texts and were surprised how some simple words can be displayed in a very interesting and creative way. Logos give a unique personality to a text, person or company however these artistic 3D texts gives more than that. These 3D texts are wrapped with textures, colorful and abstract skins and sometimes even plain one-color skin.

Playing around with texts sometimes is surprising because it gives a very interesting output. When added with creativity like interesting background and textures, these texts becomes more than just series of characters but an art. The words itself can bring out what the artist is trying to say but with added creativity they become more interesting and eye-catching.

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Coolest and Most Beautiful Music-Themed Wallpapers

Beautiful Music-Themed Wallpapers

Working while listening to your favorite music is big help in overcoming stress. It is a way to relax your mind and to create a positive atmosphere in your workplace. Today, we have collected some of the most creative and beautiful music-themed wallpapers for your desktop.

For you guys out there that love music that much just like us, these wallpapers are for you. These artworks are free for you to use and display in your desktop. Music will not only create a good mood and make a refreshing feel for your ears but in addition – these creative wallpapers will give a good taste of music in your screen as well.

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Free 30+ Cool 3D Wallpapers For Your iPhone

30+ Cool and Awesome Free 3D Wallpapers For Your iPhone

iPhone is one of coolest gadgets that was released. It already is a beauty by itself. Together with its themes, applications and features – this gadget have come far as one of the most promising technology for many years to come.

Entertainment is one of the best feature of this gadget especially music. With its sleek and somewhat futuristic design, its software and user interface design comes along with it to deliver the best entertainment experience to its users. We have compiled some of the coolest 3D Wallpapers for the iPhone. These pieces of digital art adds to user experience in a visual way .

Feel free to download them since they are of course – free. If you guys have other resources like wallpaper or themes for others to download for free, just leave a comment. Cheers!

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