Collection Of Music-Related Digital And Print Design Concepts

The same as notes and melody or what we hear, this is music expressed in a visual way thru pixels and colors.

Take a look at how digital and print artists made these artworks and how music can be a very creative and inspiring theme. It is very interesting how these designs can truly express music “visually” – and in a way it shows a meaning to what kind of music the artist is trying to express.

Some of these music artworks are perfect for advertising for magazines, album or cd covers, billboard and other printed materials. Here is a collection of some of the most creative digital and print designs focused on music. Tell us which of these music-themed designs caught your eyes.

The Music Series


The Music Nature

The Imprint

Rock Ornaments

People Love Music


Musign Mag – Trip Magazine

RocK the GreY! / window display


Music Store Assistants





Music Rock You

Music Power

Turquoise Music

Music Has No Breaks

Music All Over The World

Jazz, Viet Dinh (2D)

Music Times, Rachel Kwok (3D)

Music for my eyes, Borja Fresco Costal (2D)

Soul bassist, wenjun lin (2D)

Hip-Hop Monarch, Bryce Smith (2D)

Night Blues, Dmitriy Glazyrin (2D)

music lover, Dennis Gonchar (2D)

Music gives me the bubbles, Zlatina Zareva (2D)

Fiery Melody, Valerie Lim (2D)

Good Music, Michel Victor Oliveira (2D)

Where Music Meets Fine Art, Miklós Gábor (3D)


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