Collection of Uncommon Yet Creatively Printed Business Card Designs

Sometimes being unique and deviant gives a different taste of creativity to your print designs. These unusual yet very creatively designed business cards will have higher chances that they definitely go right to your client’s pocket or even be displayed in their office table.

We looked into some these very unique and cleverly printed business cards and notice that these are different from standard cut sizes, bleeds, aspect ratios and other common methods of construction and printing.

Take a look into these very creative business card designs and tell us which ones will you definitely keep at the back of your coat or in your office drawer.

Cement Solutions

Ninja Business Cards

We Are Public



Emerson Taymor


Ed McCulloch


Amelia Lyon

The Mandate Press


Davide Gasperini

Impact Salon

Hypno Design

Dreamten Studios

Bcards BND

MXTape Generation

Chokolate mmm

Sack Wear

Moments Day Spa

Marisa Schmidt Silva

Business Cards

Mass Envelope Plus

Todd Lasher

Swirl Wine Club

Tent London


Dig Business Design


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