Digital Art – Collection of Coolest and Weirdest Fantasy Creatures

Digital Art - Collection of Coolest and Weirdest Fantasy Creatures

Today we have collected some of the most creative digital art depicting fantasy creatures. These artworks are created by some of the most awesome and talented artists. Most of these digital images may be creepy and weird however some of them are quite funny.

These digital images are very much suitable for video games and most CG fantasy movies. This kind of artwork is very much different compared to human characters specifically the 3D artworks – where much time and effort was given to create such characters and make them really look alive.

Check out these 30+ of the coolest fantasy creatures and we hope that we can give you at least a bit of inspiration from these awesome digital characters. If you guys have created similar artworks or knows some works which can be included in our list then feel free to leave a comment.

Cthulhu, Chris Nichols
Cthulhu, Chris Nichols

Bobby the Little Octopus
bobby the little octopus

Big Predator
big predator


Marvin, Squeeze Studio
marvin squeeze studio

Space Pirates
space pirates

The Marsh Monster
marsh monster

Sea Monster
sea monster

Monster Hunter
monster hunter

Monster Concept
monster concept

Monster Hunter
monster hunter

Monster Fantasy
monster fantasy

Scaly Monster
scaly monster


Candy Monster
candy monster

Sea Creature
sea creature

Sea Monster
sea monster

Vulture Drake
vulture drake

75 Tons
75 tons

Swamp Creature
swamp creature

Creature Concept
creature concept

Monster Concept
monster concpet



Creature Art
creature art

Undead Arctic
undead arctic


Horse Herd
horse herd


From Black Lagoon
black lagoon

Forest Creature
forest creature

Weird Little Creature
weird little creature

Resident Evil
resident evil


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