Digital Mascots in Web Design – Creative Vector Characters That Make Websites Unique

Digital Mascots in Web Design - Creative Vector Characters That Makes Websites Unique

We are going to showcase some of the beautiful websites today – of which, in terms of uniqueness and identity build-up, stands out compared to other web designs because they have included vector or other digital characters into their web design. These vector or hand-drawn characters goes along the identity and logo. In most of these websites, the digital characters itself makes the website unique since they are eye-catching and placed in a way that drives visitors’ eyes into noticing them at first visit.

Much like most fast-food establishments or other businesses with mascots for promotion and marketing, these websites considered this strategy to differentiate them with other websites and make them stand out – thus gaining themselves a unique kind of identity and a plus to their popularity.

Take a look at these websites and notice these digital “mascots” and how they affect the overall experience of their visitors. If you have other websites that may be included in our list, please feel free to comment!





Free Gobbler
free gobbler

A Crafty Bride
a crafty bride

Mia Makila
mia makila

Mozi Web
mozi web

Strange Orange
strange orange

Jeannie Web
jeannie web

Minding Monsters
minding monsters

Indigo media
indigo media


Traffic Travis
traffic travis

Webking Design
web king design

Rockers FC
rockers fc

Creative Switch
creative switch

Ignaty Nikulin
ignaty nikulin

The Solid Studios
the solid studios

Test Lab
test lab 2

Les Integristes
les integristes

Synch Media
synch media

Carbon Made
carbon made



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