How to Deal with Focal Points

How to Deal with Focal Points

Everybody knows that when people are looking for something on the web, they are in a hurry and they don’t waste much time on a webpage that doesn’t attract their attention.

Therefore, web designers should think of a solution that would make their projects worthy of being used. If you are in the process of creating a design for your website, you should not forget about its focal points. These are important, because if you want your visitors to stay, then you should grab their attention. I’m sure you have heard about these before, but nevertheless the following lines will help you a lot, especially if you have little ideas, concerning this matter.

What do focal points represent?

The focal points, as you have guessed it represent the area that is more emphasized and that makes the audience stop and look. This eye-catching section will inform the reader about the purpose of the website and about its most important aspects. Therefore, it is understandable why people love these website centerpieces. They show that the designer respects his or her customers and through the focal point this person does not make them waste their time, trying to figure out if the website they have just accessed will suit their needs.

How can I find it?

It is important that the web designer know and understand his or her project very well, in order to figure out what is worthy to be accentuated. Also, it is logical that the centerpiece will be highly connected to the goal and purpose of your project. For instance, if your website deals with selling wedding dresses, than the call-to- action buttons should catch the eye of the users, in order for these people to think that your website is highly accessible, purposeful and safe to recommend to other potential customers.

How many focal points should my website have?

It goes without saying that if you emphasize too many points then people will no longer make the distinction between the centerpiece and the rest of the website content. The ideal situation is when there is only one focal point on the webpage. But, if you consider that there is more than one thing that needs to be highlighted, then of course that you may include more points of interest.

However, you should not confuse your readers and you should allow them to distinguish between these important points. Also, a hierarchy of these items wouldn’t hurt as it will help your users find out which is the most important thing that your webpage focuses on. If you have problems in creating this hierarchy, in the following lines you will find a few tips that will certainly be helpful.

The size

If you want to draw awareness to the most important focal point, then it is obvious that this should be the largest of them all. It should catch the eye of the reader, the moment this person enters your page. However, one should not exaggerate, otherwise the balance or the harmony of your project will be ruined. Pick a larger font size for the text, a bigger illustration or a considerable large button for your most important focal point and your audience will have no problem in distinguishing it from the rest.

How to Deal with Focal Points

The color

Colors will always play an important role in the creation of the web design. After all, they send certain messages and give people some info that the text will never manage to transmit. As a result, it is only natural to use colors when creating the hierarchy of the focal points. And, because you want to make the users notice the most significant items, then some warm shades, such as red or maybe orange would be the most appropriate ones.

How to Deal with Focal Points

The position

As it is only normal when arranging some items, one will place the most important features first. This is something that is shared by all the people in the world, irrespective of their culture or place of birth. Therefore, people won’t have troubles in realizing which one is the most important object of your website, if you will make sure that the position is correct. So, think about the position as well, when inserting the focal points.

How to Deal with Focal Points

The visual weight

If you want to highlight the fact that certain points are more significant and heavy than others, then you should rely on the visual weight. This could be rendered through larger objects, which occupy more space, through the choice of colors, through darker shades and so on. Anyway, the visual weight is definitely a way to help your readers notice the dissimilarities between your interesting and attention grabber items.

Where should I place the focal points?

The home page is a great place where the web designers could place these important features. This is the first thing users are acquainted with, when visiting a website, so the focal point should grab their attention and make them stay. However, one should not make the mistake to believe that this is the only place where focal points are allowed.

How to Deal with Focal Points

If your website displays various pages, then it would be very helpful if these too would have certain focal points. Something like this will help your visitors navigate your website easily and find the things they need much faster. Therefore, the main idea is that if you will help your visitors and if you will strategically place these points of interest, then they will become addicted to your work and will visit you again. Bottom line, it is important to think about the perfect placement of your focal points, because these play an important role in the relationship you establish with your readers.


In conclusion, it is mandatory to include focal points on your webpage, because if your readers love them, then you must love them, too. Not to mention that they play an important role in showing that your website is wonderfully organized and in stating its purpose and goal. So, in other words, do not forget about these important aspects, because they really make a difference!


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