How to Socialize a Website to Garner Customers and Profit Online?

How to Socialize a Website to Garner Customers and Profit Online?

Why exactly someone sets up an online store? For garnering customers and gaining profit, right! Well, having said that, garnering more traffic toward site is quite possible with the help of various techniques like SEO. But, can just SEO sufficient enough to bring in new customers or help you retain the existing customers? Of course not! You have to travel an extra mile to convince your customers to help your business emerge as a successful one online. In fact, most online businesses fail to establish themselves in the market due to variety of reasons; the prime reason of them being not able to reach out wide range of audiences or inability to identify who exactly your target audiences are! How to make the website more effective online? Well, if you are one with such a question, this article is for you. The following sections would help you how to improve your customer base effectively.

Socializing Website

How to Socialize a Website to Garner Customers and Profit Online?

Today, in order to sustain your business online, one needs to broadcast all his products and services in front of wide range of audiences. Indeed, reaching out a large mass of audiences is the perfect way to improve business prospects vigorously. But, the traditional ecommerce market requires efforts more than desired or needed to reach out more customers online. In addition, the web owners have to invest more money for advertising their products online. Today, you don’t have to sweat out a lot as well as invest a lot of money to reach out customers, with the availability of social media. The introduction of social media sites into the market has turned the entire market upside down. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google comprise a formidable database of customers on tapping which any business can flourish unbelievably. But, how to connect your online stores with the social media sites? I don’t think anything is highly impossible with the emergence of technology. Of course, there are some ways using which you can connect your websites with the social media sites with absolute ease.

Fit for purpose Extensions

How to Socialize a Website to Garner Customers and Profit Online?

An excellent and amicable way to stay connected with the social media sites is using Magento extensions. In fact, Magento offers a few stupendous extensions for displaying your products amidst a huge mass of customers. Some of the popular extensions fitting the purpose as well as bill of yours are Magento Facebook App, Social Login, Social Affliate, etc. Each and every extensions mentioned above is unique and easy-to-set up. The extensions assist you in exhibiting all your products online via Facebook page. On advertising all your products on Facebook page, you obviously know a large volume of traffic is created to your site, provided you sell quality stuff online. We will discuss how to set up these extensions with the websites in the following sections.

Connecting with Facebook

How to Socialize a Website to Garner Customers and Profit Online?

Connect your online store with the Facebook app extension from Magento. This extension plays a substantive role in exhibiting multiple products and services on the Facebook page. By exhibiting products on the Facebook page, you expose all your products in front of a wide range of audiences worldwide. The hugest benefit is you can acquire enormous traffic, at the same time incredible advertisements for your products. In a short duration, your online business would be promoted wildly which in turn leads to amazing benefits. Another huge advantage on using this product is you spend just a few pennies compared to the rich dividends you acquire after using it. So, go for this interesting extension and stay connected with a wide range of audiences.

Hassle-free login

Allow your customers to continue shop positively without any posing any hurdles in their path while making a purchase. For instance, allow them to use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo accounts for logging in to your website rather creating an own account in your site. This lessens their time drastically and helps them make their purchase quickly. This is what customers exactly want and on providing these kinds of facilities, you are sure to earn more customers and will experience an improved customer base in a few days. In order to make them sign in using the social accounts, install the extension “Social Login” in your website.

Word-of-mouth advertisements

How to attract new customers and convert the leads to potential customers? In fact, it is absolutely important for any business to outshine competitors in the market. To draw customers toward your site allowing the customers to perform word-of-mouth advertisements about your product would be a great move. But how to involve them into such beneficial promotional activities? Well, the simplest way would be to reward them with some freebies and discounts. Social affiliate program is the best option to pull in more customers to your site. It works like this: allow your customers to refer or recommend the products. And offer them credit points every time they do so. The cycle goes on till a particular limit set by you is attained. On reaching the threshold, award your customers with some hefty discounts or gifts while they place an order. Customers love these kinds of privileges and upon experiencing, obviously they will look forward to recommend your products more and more in the near future. As the process benefits both the customers and you, the discounts offered to the customers will never drain your account. Use the brilliant “Social Affiliate” extension and help your business grow sky high.


On installing all the extensions in your website, your business will be given a new dimension. The implementation of these nifty extensions will help you achieve a high-quality socialized ecommerce site with some amazing customer base. Nothing can be so fascinating for the growth of your business than socializing your website. So, don’t wait any longer, install the powerful social media extensions to relish high returns in a quick period of time.


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