HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

HTML is a Hyper Text Mark Up Language, basically used to implement the content on the internet that is known by web developer and designers.

In this digital world we have witnessed a lot of change in the behavior of site that is only possible due to the availability of numerous technologies and platforms. Similarly, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that enhance the functionalities of HTML with lots of tags provided in this version. But the problem is the most of developers and designers make some silly mistake that creates a problem or deplete the reputation after running the site. Here this blog gives some simple tips that are to be known to HTML5 designers and developers.

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

1. Focus on the contents

Try to implement the content more focusing toward the query; avoid unnecessary information that distracts the users. Content should be clear with proper layout and flow. There should be minimum redundancy of words. Don’t implement pop-up windows until and unless it is important this will bore the users. You can also facilitate the access to popular social networking sites.

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

2. Implement perfect content Styling

Content styling should be perfect mean focus on every aspect of the content like font size, proper spacing between paragraphs, and words, and color of the content. If the content styling is good then the page becomes attractive, readable and meaningful.

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

3. Make the color contrast of themes eye-friendly

Use the theme that is friendly to the users’ eye that does not hinder them to read the content and secondly sometimes the color of the content and themes implemented in such as way that the content get hidden so avoid all these mistakes.

4. Try to implement responsive design

As we all know that current digital most of people are shifting towards new technologies such as they are using Tablets, Smartphones, ultra books and lots more, so there is a need of implementing a responsive design in the websites that is compatible to all the electronics gadgets. This will improve the ranking and obviously chances of the sites get seen by users.

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

5. Use proper Navigation and links

Put up the proper navigation and links in the content. It is seen such as all the contents are connected and integrated completely. Going from one page to another page should be hassle free (by marisol ). Labeling of the menu should be meaningful and short that direct the user to the page concerned.

6. Implement simple designing

Use simple designing that will never confuse the user how to work on the web page or what the web page actually conveys the information. It is good to have attractive designing but remember put it simple as you can.

HTML5 Designing and Development: A Useful Guide

7. Mobile phone friendly

There are millions of users who are using mobile phones. So make the layout of the content fully mobile phone supportive. So that accessing the web page will be easy and comfortable to read and interactive.


Hope that these simple tips have widened the horizon while designing and developing the websites through HTML5. This all points will also help you to give better ranking and maintain your site reputation. It will also helpful for you to manage the web pages.


Garry Smith, is a dedicated developer and designer in CSS chopper, has written blogs in various domains. His creative nature brings the lot of innovation in HTML5 designing and development.

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