Line Art – Best Examples and Useful Tips and Tutorials

With or without any colors, shading or textures, these line art examples still are eye-catching and may stand out compared to other artworks with completed backgrounds, colors and shading.

Line Art was the traditional and standard format for illustrations used in publications and print materials using black ink on white background – that is before the development of Photography and other formats of print standards used today.

Line Art emphasizes more on outlines than colors and textures. It is often used as a foundation for other forms of digital and traditional art. Here is a collection of some of the best line art examples and resources on the web.

Making Line Art Using Photoshop
This tutorial shows how to make your line art in Photoshop and using a pre-made sketch.

Line Art Coloring Tip
The resource below shows some tips on how to color line art using Photoshop

Line Art Coloring Tutorial
The tutorial below explains how to color line art from start to finish. It also shows detailed tips on lighting, shading, hair and texture details.

Traditional and CG Line Art Tips and Tricks
The tutorial below shows how to make line art in a traditional way – including tips on how to clean up your sketch; and making line art in cg using Photoshop.

CG Line Art Sketching and Cleaning Tips
The resource below shares some tips on how to create a line art from sketching to cleaned output using OpenCanvas.

Chibi-style Line Art Tutorial
This tutorial gives a good example on how to make a chibi style line art.

Some impressive Line Art Examples
Below are some awesome examples of line art of very creative artists.



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