Patterns and Tiles as Background in Web Design – Different Styles and Best Examples

Patterns and Tiles as Background in Web Design - Different Styles and Best Examples

One of our topics before is about some of the Best Examples and Practices on Different Backgrounds in Web Design. Today we will be focusing on Patterned and Tiled backgrounds in web design. This kind of background is one of those surviving styles to make it to modern web design.

Patterned and tiled backgrounds are suitable to any kind of website weather a business or a personal website. Patterned swirls are often used in portfolio and some business sites like restaurant or hotels because it brings out some clean and elegant look to the overall design of the website. Tiles are used for a very long time in web design and it is still used widely today.

Patterned textures are often used in modern web design and it brings out a unique look to a website. These patterned textures can be textile, wood, leather, canvas, fabric, or any images that brings out this unique feature. Striped backgrounds are often used as well.

There are many other patterned and tiled background styles out there that can be experimented on. Below are some of these beautiful websites that have patterns and tiles as their background. You can leave comments and let us know what you think and if you have some beautiful websites with the same backgrounds as well.

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