The Best of Vertical Sliding Website Design

The Best of Vertical Sliding Website Design

Before, we showed you some of the best horizontal scrolling and sliding website designs and how this approach made it through the line in terms of usability and navigation when implemented effectively. Today we are going to show you some of the best vertical sliding website designs.

Unlike horizontal sliding websites, this navigation approach is more acceptable in terms of usability and navigation standards and practices. Some of these websites completely removed sidebar scrolling – instead, they implemented buttons and/or links within the website to control the scrolling or sliding of the website pages. Normally, all the contents are coded in one page and the “scroll to” or “slide to” buttons or links allows the user to navigate to the “other pages” – which is somewhere above or below the current page content. This unique feature can be implemented with the use of jquery, javascript. or flash.

This kind of technique is effective to different kind of web designs – it could be implemented on different kinds of websites whether it is a business, personal, or portfolio kind of website. Unlike the normal vertical scrolling websites, this technique allows users to be more involved in the website contents.

Check on some of these vertical sliding website designs and if you have other websites of the same feature, please feel free to comment so to let us know. Enjoy!

Adlervia Copyrighting
adlervia copyrighting



Thousand Minds
thousand minds

Le Coq Sportif
le coq sportif

Lift UX
lift ux


Charles Elena Design
charles elena design

Erru’s Jeans
erru's jeans

Uncle Emile
uncle emile

Zoran Perin
zoran perin


IGN Entertainment
ign entertainment

Fat Man Collective
fat man collective

Curious Generation Group
curious generation group

Mateusz Pasternak
mateusz pasternak

Tom Bradshaw Design
tom bradshaw design


Guillaume Pacheco
guillaume pacheco

Creative Switch
creative switch

Second and Park
second and park

Project 365
project 365

Social Snack
social snack

Legwork Studio
legwork studio

Madeline Ong
madeline ong

Beaver Lab
beaver lab

Antonio de Pasquale
antonio de pasquale


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