The Future of UI – Highly Engaging UX One Could Ever Imagine

The Future of UI - Highly Engaging UX One Could Ever Imagine

A good and attractive user interface is important for an excellent user experience. It does not matter at how good a web design is – if the designers or developers are not able to make the user interface intuitive and appealing, then it will hardly find any acceptance from the people.

So, the main question that sprouts up here is why there is an urgent need to look into the future of interfaces? With the great evolution in the field of technology and media, it is imperative to explore the future so as to deliver quality products to the users and maintain a good presence in the market.

Things that were thought to be impractical or unimaginable some years back have now certainly become a reality. For example, nobody would have thought that the responsive website designing will go on to transform the way websites were browsed eight or ten years back. Now, the people can access the internet on their mobile phones and go through different websites.

Why there is a need to Explore New Frontiers of Web Design and Technology?

There is need to uncover the new frontiers in the field of web design and technology because of the following reasons:

Users have changed

Over the years, there has been a significant shift happening at the moment. People are shifting their attention from the desktop to the mobile devices. It certainly forces the web designers to focus on the responsive web design to provide a unique and amazing experience to the customers. Today, web designing has become far more challenging and the urgent need of the hour is to focus on making an interactive and engaging design that goes on to optimize the experience of the users.

There is more focus on the needs of users now

No matter how attractive or creative the future interfaces or website is the focus must be always there on the needs of the users. The main objective of an interface is to satisfy the needs of the users. For this very purpose, the designers must constantly undertake a detail research on the prospective users, identify their needs and then create new ideas.

Users are constantly looking for Rich Interaction and Customizations

There are many different kinds of user interfaces technology that the users may explore in the near future. For instance, users can talk to their computer and mobile devices with the help of the Voice User Interface (VUI) technology. The users are only required to give any command to the device through the voice and they will get the desired answers in no matter of time. It reduces the need of typing in the keywords. What an amazing future!

So, what the future of user interfaces hold for the users?

Some of the prominent future user interfaces that can completely change the face of technology are as follows:

Gesture Recognition Interface: In this particular system, the motions and movements of the users tracked and converted into the instructions. Some of the popular game devices such as the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move are using this technology where the users control the game with their different body movements.

Brain-Machine Interfaces: Ever thought of controlling the computer system with the brain? This may seem to be unimaginable, but it is the future. Here the computer system will read the neural signals of the human brain and use the programs to convert the signals into action (by marisol at testsforge). This interface will certainly prove to be blessing in disguise for the paralyzed people who are not able to operate the computer.

Speech Recognition Interface: There is a no denying fact that after the keypad, the touch screens have certainly become a reality. No one would have expected this tremendous leap in the technology. Here the user interface responds according to the touch of the fingers. Many experts are of the opinion that this particular interface is going to evolve further.


It cannot be denied these are some of the testing as well as the exciting time for the web designers. The job of the designers is now not just limited to creating good websites but also making attractive interfaces that can certainly redefine the new age in the field of technology.


Mr. Deepak Gupta is a successful online blogger who use to share his experience about the latest website designing trends and tips. He is associated with a reputed website design agency in India that specialize in providing quality website design solutions for business.

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