Top Dazzling WordPress Widgets to Build your Business

Top Dazzling WordPress Widgets to Build your Business

Just think, what is the reason and why most prefer WordPress as the platform for building site? Because of its customizable or user-friendly nature? Do all these give WordPress a unique status? Yes, you are right. But all these features are achieved by widgets. WordPress widgets are used in themes, to add content easily in a page without any need of codings. The best solution for getting flexibility in WordPress site to add or move content is to use plugins which provide a special feature for widgets area. We use WordPress for businesses, because WordPress has responded with multitude of plugins and widgets, like widgets for shopping carts, widgets for business, widgets for SEO and many more.

One of the biggest reasons for creating our site in WordPress is we can easily expand your system using WordPress plugin. We can easily create a backup for our system; it is more customizable, more flexible, etc.There are numerous widgets available in the market. The problem with this is how do you know which wordpress plugins you should use for your small business website? Here I provide the best widgets for your business. Act smart in choosing your widget from the list available of plugins for WordPress.

WordPress DB Backup Widgets

Top Dazzling WordPress Widgets to Build your Business

Creating a WordPress site is simple. Most of the wordpress site owners do the same mistake, that they wont have any backup for their site.

Think your having a WordPress site. Imagine one day when you got up and sit in front of your computer to check your WordPress site or blog and find all the information is gone due to some spam.What would you do if your blog got hacked or accidentally deleted by your web hosting provider? Are you ready to face such a situation? Are you aware of WordPress Backup? Where with the help of this wordpress plugin you can easily have a full database backup of your site easily. So if anything goes wrong with the web-host the site can be easily recovered. WordPress DataBase Backup plugin will e-mail a backup of you site.

Re-direction Widgets

Top Dazzling WordPress Widgets to Build your Business

In SEO, we all aware of 404 error. These are errors that occur when a URL is changed and no longer exists – the page has disappeared. This problem can be avoided in WordPress site, re-direction effective wordpress plugin is available in it. This WordPress plugin allows you to monitor the page, once the 404 error appears, it allows you to display the page which you would like to do.

This is similar like 301 re-direction, where we re-direct a page to the visitors to the page which we want to show. By using this Re-direction WordPress plugin you can increase the traffic to your page easily.

Events Widgets

This WordPress Plugin best suits for scheduling events to be displayed in the site which is presented at the side bar or on the event page itself. These events listed can be recurred and this can be points to the external pages.

Social Networking Widgets

Social media network is the most powerful tool to enhance the businesses. There are several Social media widgets which help your business. Out of all these, two widgets play a effective role in it. They are Social media widget and tweetmeme.

All the websites which are build using the WordPress platform makes use of the Facebook and twitter like box.The Twitter widget displays the latest tweets from your business or personal Twitter account. The Facebook Like Box widget connects your site visitors to your Facebook business page.

Google Map plugin

Top Dazzling WordPress Widgets to Build your Business

If your clients want your business, they’ll want to know where you’re located. A great business widget to better serve your clients and help them find you is the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin of WordPress. This can be easily installed as a widget and a code.WordPress describes this plugin as a simple elegant and fully documented plugin.

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