What it Takes to Give up the Day Job and Become a Professional Photographer

What it Takes to Give up the Day Job and Become a Professional Photographer

Leaving a well paid, secured day job with the aim of becoming a professional photographer is not easy. It can be compared with taking a leap from the known to the unknown world which is full of possibilities and indefinite things.

Therefore, any person taking a leap must be extremely determined and strong willed. Right from the time we gain maturity to understand how things around us function, we start planning about our future goals that will steer our way to make life secured and stable. Many a time we give up our dreams and passion for our own betterment, but that certainly does not imply the death of our ambition. Life offers us many opportunities to give shape and form to our ambition and when such opportunity knocks at your door, only strong resolute will help you overcome all hurdles and challenges that is going befall in your life thereafter. Here is what it takes to give up the day job and become a professional photographer:


You might have been awarded the best team leader in the company you worked for many times, but after swapping professions you need to make a fresh start. The tables have turned and now you need to become a patient listener and observer. Just like the mainstream profession where you have made your way up from an intern to a junior and after many years a leader, the same is applicable for photography profession as well. You need to start from the basics as an amateur and thereafter gradually develop your skill to become a professional. You are going to face many challenges and hurdles all through the way, but a positive and humble attitude will help you to maneuver your way through all the hurdles.


When you are taking such a big leap, you must really feel passionate about the new profession. Owing to the colossal amount of challenges that you might have to face after taking such a crucial decision, your work-life balance might be jeopardized and you might have to shift your priorities as well. Only a passionate person would be able to deal with these adversities with ease and live up to their dream. Though it is always best to remain naïve to the unforeseen challenges as it helps us to maintain calm and remain positive. However, not all of us are that lucky so be prepared.

Learning the techniques

You should be an eager learner in order to get an in-depth understanding of the different techniques that are used in photography. Books, online journals, e-books are all great resources for learning the different skills of photography. You might also consider enrolling yourself in a comprehensive course and thereafter interning under a professional photographer. The crux of the whole thing is that you should open up and be ready to grasp knowledge from different kinds of opportunities that come on your way.


Photography being a practical subject there is ample scope for experimentation. Undoubtedly learning the techniques is important, but it remains useless until you start applying it. So get your camera and start clicking the various subjects that come across in your daily life. It will help in getting an understanding about your mistakes and thereafter rectify it and develop your own unique technique.

Understanding the need

A photographer must be a patient and keen observer. You should develop the habit of closely observing the work of the professionals present in online as well as offline sources. Moreover, also study the photographs present on different kind advertisements and billboards as it will help in understanding the need of the client. This is an important component that has helped the amateurs to become professional.

Apart from these you would also need a lot of guts to take such a crucial decision in life. One important thing that will be help all along this difficult terrain is strong will power. Do not lose heart, even in the face of worst criticism. Take them positively and as indicators of your mistakes which will help you to grow big and gather accolades in the future course of time.


The above article is composed by AJ who is associated with Digital Exposure Advertising Photography unit in California and is a keen writer for various digital communities. She loves to impart her technical skills via her writing.

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