5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

An effective landing page is perhaps the most important marketing tool for generating leads for your business. More than simply displaying product information like a website does, a landing page focuses visitors’ attention on one offer – therefore eliminating distractions and encouraging action. It’s a great way to convert visitors into customers in a measurable way that promotes return business.

A good and optimized landing page is still the most effective in attracting potential customers – weather you sell books online, or trying to make them sign-up for a service or newsletter, or selling other products online or building up a network. Here are some ways to optimize the results of your landing page.

1. Use Clear Call-to-Action

Notice that “call-to-action” is not plural: it’s important for your landing page to have a single, clear focus your visitor can act on. Whether you’re pushing a newsletter subscription, a special deal or a registration form, the focus of the landing page should be on just that offer. Some things to remember:

• Set the offer and the call-to-action apart on the page so they’re easy to find. Display them above the fold so visitors don’t have to scroll.
• Understand the context of how your visitors found your page (e.g., know what kind of websites and search results your online ads are displayed on) to better relate to users.
• Align your offer with your online ad to build trust with your visitors.

2. Simplify Content

The goal of a landing page is to remove the distractions of a full website, so keep your copy concise and actionable. You can turn text into “hooks” for visitors, making them want to read more and ultimately take action. You can do this by using a descriptive headline and actionable buttons.

5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

Posterous is successful in using a limited amount of text and call-to-action buttons that are easy to locate.

3. Use Minimalistic Design

An easy way to minimize your design is to simply remove any elements that don’t directly support your conversion goal. This includes distracting rich-media content, blocks of text, links and self-promotion.

Using icons is a functional way to convey a message, as it relies on visual imagery rather than text that visitors have to read.

5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

Tumblr uses simple icons to convey initial information, and section headings to guide the viewer’s eye throughout the page.

4. Use Images and Video

Be careful with this one; make sure to use images and videos with intention (by marisol ). An eye-catching visual that doesn’t support your goal is a distraction. But effective use of these elements can greatly enhance the way you communicate your message.

5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

For example,Animoto uses a video to make its point. This is useful because most web users would rather interact with images and sound than read text.

5. Make it Easy to Share

A well-rounded marketing campaign makes use of social networking, as social buzz spreads information much more quickly than traditional promotion methods. You want people talking about your business on the web because it drives business to your site. Include easy share buttons for popular social sites to extend your audience reach.

5 Tips For Building A Better Landing Page

Milk Inc. uses clean, white space to emphasize each element – including easily recognizable social share buttons.

Use these tips to start building more effective landing pages, and remember that the ultimately goal of a landing page is conversion. If you’re implementing anything on your landing page that isnot directed towards conversion, you need to reevaluate that element.


Luke Clum is a front-end developer and designer from Seattle. You can find him on Twitter @lukeclum

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