Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

We know how difficult it can be at times to come up with a good design for an app icon. To help out any struggling designers we’ve came up with a couple of examples you could use as a source of inspiration.


This brilliant photo sharing app has a striking design with a mild colour palette and simplistic camera graphic that grabs your attention and immediately lets you know what the apps function is.

2. Wunderlist

This free app is a great example of how a classic design can work well on a modern handset. Its note pad image also lets you know about this task management apps functionality, it’s simple yet elegant.

Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

3. Galileo Offline Maps

Although they have a more detailed design it’s another great example of using an image to convey information to users. There’s the large G which tells you who the brand is and the fact that it encircles the world conveys the app has global coverage.

Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

4. Billings Touch

This mobile time and invoicing app uses a clever approach to style that portrays the classic phone app clock face with a modern twist.

5. Square Wallet

This mobile payment app uses a metallic motif that combines various watered down colours to create an authoritative and secure tone which is ideal since you’re using it store money.

Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

6. The Cartographers

With an old, almost Lord of the Rings esque map this Google Map customizer is incredibly artistic. It has a simple yet almost fantasy design that will instantly appeal to any budding explorer.

7. History of Rock

Containing a huge history of rock music this apps style choice of a large guitar is a great example of ‘Does what it says on the tin’, i.e. there’s a rock guitar so this app is about rock music.

Amazing iOS App Icon Designs

But it’s not just these mobile apps that are good examples of design because there’s also the occasional mobile casino logo that stands out from the crowd.

These icons are designed to grab the attention of players and give a subtle indication of what the site contains.

In fact if you’re interested in seeing some great examples then has a few logos from casino sites that you can check out.

So if you ever find yourself struggling for ideas then why not try checking out a few of these for inspiration.


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