Cool And Very Creative Backgrounds in Web Design – Best Examples and Practices

Cool And Very Creative Backgrounds in Web Design - Best Examples and Practices

The body background in web design is one of the most important part of the overall theme of the web site. Though it is the most distant of all the design aspect, it serves as the body of the entire design since it covers most of the areas of the website or template. These background designs can be any graphical content or images.

The backgrounds that are used in modern web design can be high-res images, textures and patterns, painted background or grungy types, dirt, paper, leather and many others – these are used to bring out the look and feel of the web design. Unlike the basic one-color background or gradient-type backgrounds, these creative background textures could attract more eyes if used effectively and harmoniously with the other contents of the web design.

Below are some of the most popular background designs that are used in modern web design.

Paper or Cardboard

This background style is perfect for grunge-type web designs or web designs which includes paper or carton images that serves as content background for main content images and texts.




Patterns and Tiles

Patterned backgrounds were used for a very long time in web design and still gives a very pleasing and elegant style to modern web designs.


Stones and Concrete

This type is mostly used in grungy web design where it could bring out a solid and firm feel to a website.

Livid Media
livid media

Leather and Fabric

This background sometimes gives a clean and very sleek look in a web design.

Texture Lovers
texture lovers

Wood Texture

Wooden-type is a very popular kind background used in many web designs – it can be used in personal or business-type website designs. We have collected some of the eye-catching websites with a wooden theme or background design in our previous post.

Quality Xhtml
quality xhtml

Lung Kong Physical Culture Club
lung kong

Illustrated Background

Illustrated body backgrounds can be vector or hand-drawn images which gives a very unique style in web design.


Painted, Swirls

These backgrounds shows the creativity of a web design artist which shows effective display of brushes and and unique painted swirls as the main web design background.

Corvus Design Studio

Grungy and Dirt

Mostly used in personal and portfolio web sites however it can be used to any type of web design to give a very unique identity.

RU4 Children
ru4 children

Here are other website designs with cool and very creative background. If you have other websites with a creative background then feel free to leave a comment. Cheers!

Matt Mullenweg

Circa The Prince


iPhone Development Bits
iphone development bits


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