Could Poor Graphic Design Be the Reason Behind Your High Bounce Rate?

Could Poor Graphic Design Be the Reason Behind Your High Bounce Rate?

The last thing that any owner of a website wants is for their bounce rate to be high. What this means is that a viewer didn’t move off the page on which they first landed.

Ideally, you want users to explore your site and to find other things of interest to them, and hopefully make a purchase (if you’re in ecommerce).

Another piece of important information that must be considered along with the bounce rate, is the length of time spent on the site, because it always is possible that people were focused on just your landing page but on nothing further.

One often ignored cause of this is having poor graphic design.

The Importance of Being Easy to Read

One of the key issues with design is going to be legibility. You could have the best content and still be driving people away, because the print is just too hard to read. You have just a matter of seconds to grab a person’s attention, therefore, when a website contains the wrong colour combinations, the results can be disastrous. If you’ve recognised that this is a problem on your site, look at enlisting the help of professionals like Pelling Design to get everything back in working order.

Whether they do it consciously or not, people will be rating your reputation as an online presence from the way your site has been designed. Having something that looks homemade or not quite up to par may hurt your brand or business, therefore, producing a good layout and attractive colour scheme is a must. You want to make a good impression to those visiting your site just as you would if they were walking into your brick and mortar.

Is Your Page Too Busy?

Part of your layout has to do with how many things are on your front page. It’s natural to want to call attention to various items and to grab hits for your different offerings. You may also have ads, and other links intended to generate revenue, all screaming for the viewer’s time. Unfortunately, this approach can often have the reverse effect: overwhelming the customer.

It’s important not to bombard people with everything and anything the moment they type in your web address. Care must be taken to thoughtfully use your space in a way that not only looks polished but uncluttered.

In addition, you do not want to distract people away from your call to action. Your purpose should be clear. Another important step is to make sure that your site loads well on mobile devices, this will significantly help to reduce your bounce rate.

Focus on the Details

There are many beautiful fonts available these days, and the key to using them properly is often to exercise restraint. Be sure that your choices do not obscure the meaning of the words written and that they will serve to enhance your overall look. It is also important not to use too many different types of script on the same page or image.

Along with this, you also do not want to use such data-heavy content that it is going to take your page a long time to load. Most people have been shown to give up after about 4 seconds. This is why simplicity is so important.

Another crucial aspect to your design is to avoid having preloaded music or a video that begins to play when a client comes to your page. These also tend to overwhelm the person, and it is likely that your tastes are not their tastes.

You want to aim for a pleasant, clean, and bright look that leaves no confusion as to what your business is about.


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