Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

E-commerce has emerged as a fastest growing business, which has led to the new shopping trend. It is an exchange of goods and services in a paperless manner.

To beat the cutthroat competition number of webstore owners are willing to customize their websites to get a seamless and elegant looking page. Webpage design influences the success of the website by providing visitors an easy way to find what they are looking for.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

Listed below are the factors that play a vital role in the better performance of the web store.

1. Providing Comfortable Navigation

Navigation is the most critical element of websites. A well-functioning webpage will never baffle their visitors. Ease of navigation is important to raise the sales because if the customer is lost, then the sale is lost. Leading e-commerce websites provide easy navigation to make it easy for the customer to find their desired product.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

Improper navigation often affects the performance of the website. Giant sites, which offer a large number of products are aware of the navigational issues and how to face them. As the number of products increases, the need for the proper navigation also gets increased. Every option on the website should be placed right enough to redirect the visitor to the desired product and services.

2. Proper Balance Between Design and Products

The success of the web store entirely depends upon the available brands and products. It is very important to focus on the products in which the webpage deals. Extra focus on the design will divert the attention of the customers from product offered. Approach to simple design can avoid the competition between the products and design of the page. Minimal design approach gives a seamless look to the website and an easy surfing experience to the visitor.

3. Easy Checkout Process

Minimum possible steps in checkout process help the customer to exit comfortably. Too many steps lead to the state of confusion, which often leads to the lost of sale. The checkout process should be simple and easy to understand. Hidden tax and extra charges minimize the trust of the customer and increases the possibility of no sales. These things will make the visitor feel that the render is taking advantage of them. A clear picture of every cost leads in gaining trust of the customer.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

4. Brand

Many people around the globe are brand conscious and always look into the website for their preferred brand. Availability of different brands help to get maximum hits, as the visitors are offered different brands and varieties. Apart from this, branding helps in the overall success of the website because of the availability of a wide range of products. Branding efforts also plays a vital role in creating a repute image of the website.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

Example: SwimCapz is a well-known swim caps provider and leader of their industry. The company’s website is seamlessly designed and easy to access.

5. Website Design Style and Product Showcase

The theme of the website should go hand in hand with the products offered. It is safe to say that an automobile theme will not match the textile web store. The colors, patterns and design should match with the nature of the products offered. A dark theme will be suitable for automobile website and light one for clothing. The unmatched design pattern of a web page with the product offered, will lead to the state of confusion and the visitor will not be able to decide what is best for him.

6. Remember Related Products

Promotion of related products is suitable in which the viewer may also be interested in. These products must be lined up in a correct way, as they are the better presentation being displayed under the title. Avoid mixing up the related product with the featured one, this will confuse the customer and will lead to the loss of a sale.
For example: If you are looking to buy a DSLR camera, you will obviously also look for the tripod. If a tripod is recommended as related product, then there will be enough chances for you to buy the tripod also.

7. More and More High Quality Photos

Photos play the most important role in presenting a particular product. High quality photos make the product look attractive, which somewhat convince the customer to buy it. Images also assure the visitor that the product is genuine, which is an important factor in gaining the trust of the customer.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website

E-commerce is emerging as the most dominating retail businesses, physical store owners also stepped into the world of paperless business in the web world. In order to move ahead of the competitors, every web store owner is willing to get a seamless and elegant looking website. Factors listed above are the best way to give the e-commerce website a beautiful look, which in turn can lead to sale maximization and profit.

Essential Attributes For Designing E-commerce Website


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