Five Simple Ways To Make Money with WordPress

Five Simple Ways To Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is to the world of blogging, what internet is to the Generation X. Although one can definitely survive without it, but one can hardly live without it.

There are tens of thousands WordPress sites being created every day. While most of them are blogs, publishers are now exploring different possibilities with WordPress, trying out different types of websites such as news sites, magazines, social networks and company sites.

Some of the famous names that use WordPress are CNN, Techcrunch, National Football League amongst others. This rests the case about the usefulness of WordPress as a publishing platform and a website content management system. There are millions of blogs that are earning money using the blogging platform. If you also find yourself attracted towards WordPress, here are some ways in which you can use it to increase your income.

1. Create a WordPress Blog and monetize it

The easiest way to earn money through WordPress is following the same route that almost everyone is taking- creating a WordPress blog on a particular theme or interest, updating it regularly with interesting content and let it grow in popularity and authority. Sooner or later the blog will attract the attention of advertisers who will put on their ads on the empty space on your blog. There are many ways in which a blog can be monetized and discussing all of them will be a little out of scope of this article.

2. Create and sell WordPress plugins

If you have ever tried creating your own blog on WordPress, you must have encountered at least a couple of plug-ins because you simply can’t run a blog without using them. The WordPress marketplace has thousands of free plug-ins, along with many other which come for a price. If you find something troubling you in the blog or you want to add some functionality on your own, the best you can do is create your own plug-in and implement it.

Depending on its utility and success you can also put it for sale and earn a constant stream of passive income. However, if you are thinking of investing a significant share of your resources into creating new plug-ins then it’s better to create them by focusing on a specific need. You can use your own blog for selling them or post them in an online marketplace such as CodeCanyon.

3. Become a professional WordPress Developer

With so many new sites and new types of sites being created in WordPress, the demand of professional WordPress developer is at an all time high. However, becoming a top-shot WordPress developer is no piece of cake and requires significant amount of efforts, and time. The competition is quite tough as there are so many self-proclaimed experts out there and differentiating yourself from them is going to take an extra step.

The best jobs and salaries are only for developers who have a made a mark through their expertise and experience. Besides, your asking rate and demand with new clients rise proportionally with your level of expertise. Those who aspire to become a web developer in general and apply to job titles like Web developer, Web designer also can later move on to WordPress development owing to the tremendous scope it offers.

4. Create WordPress Themes

As a professional web developer you can also make some extra money by creating and selling new themes. Having excellent designing skills is not an essential prerequisite but quite a helpful asset. If you are wondering what it takes to create a top class WordPress theme then this article on the famous blog Wpexplorer will prove of quite some help. The article explains in detail how you can use HTML
knowledge to create a new WordPress theme.

Once you develop certain level of proficiency and expertise at the same, you can sell these themes in various online market-places such as Creative Market, Themeforest or set up your own site to sell it. In addition, you can also customize existing WordPress themes for your clients in exchange of some extra dollars.

5. Create and sell online WordPress tutorials

Another way of selling your knowledge and expertise in WordPress is to become an online tutor or trainer on e-learning websites. You can create a custom WordPress training course and make it available for a nominal fee to interested students. Considering the buzz around the WordPress publishing platform, and the rise of internet as a teaching medium, you may be pleasantly surprised by the number of students taking your course. This will also establish your authority as a WordPress expert.


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