How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

A profitable ecommerce shopping cart! Every merchant wants this pot of gold, but not many are able to find it.

Not every website can attract a sizable number of target shoppers and ensure a majority of them are converted into paying customers. But, there are sites doing that and they are doing it well. If you look very closely at the performance of some of the top ecommerce sites known for their profitability, you will realize that they’ve all done one thing well. They’ve chosen the right platform for building their ecommerce site.

If you want to open an online store, you’ll need to begin by identify the right shopping cart platform that fits your needs and requirements. Preferably, it’s got to be open source and must offer all the features that will help you manage a profitable store. One such platform is OpenCart, the platform of choice of merchants who want a stable, reliable eCommerce site in quick time. It is apt for people who want to start getting returns on investment from their website without spending a lot of time in designing and developing it.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of OpenCart and how it helps build sites that attract traffic and facilitate conversions:

Quick and Easy Store Setup

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

Everybody wants their eCommerce store to be up and running in double quick time; it is this need that OpenCart satisfies with aplomb. All one needs to do is install the application, choose the right theme, configure the modules, add product and description and you’re all set to host your site. Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems and if you do not have the necessary technical expertise needed to develop and launch your OpenCart site, you need to get in touch with developers who understand this platform inside and out. This is essentially how you can make the best use of this platform.

Amazing Themes

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

What makes an ecommerce site impressive? What makes people want to go through a particular site and not another? What makes a website deliver an impressive UX? The answer to all three questions is an amazing theme. If the theme is right the website is able to deliver the expected value to its website visitors. There is an extraordinarily diverse variety of themes available for OpenCart and you will definitely find one of them in line with your website conceptualization and how you wanted your website to look. What’s more, there is a built in template system in OpenCart which means you can switch between templates, if you think a particular template is working better than another.

Payment Gateways

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

Potential customers appreciate it when they can choose from a range of options to make payments. OpenCart offers a huge list of payment gateways that are available by default and you can even choose to add extra gateways by choosing from the various available OpenCart extensions. Payment gateways like Bank Transfer, Perpetual Payments, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Checks/Money Orders, Authorize.Net and many more are available by default in OpenCart. The numerous payment options on offer are another reason why OpenCart websites experience an improved rate of conversions.

SEO Optimized Solution

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

It’s not enough that you have an eCommerce website live on the internet. You’ll have to ensure your website is visible to its target audience; one of the ways this can happen is by optimizing it so that it ranks for various keywords. This will generate organic search traffic for your site, which in turn can lead to improved sales figures. An OpenCart website is optimized for search, which means website pages are indexed by search engines and your site shows up in search engine page results. SEO support covers customer product and category META tags.

If you are looking for some more SEO services other than the ones that are built in, you can always look through the various extensions available for OpenCart and integrate the SEO extensions that fit your needs best.

It is Scalable

How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

The great part about OpenCart is that you can keep adding to the existing site to make it more shopper-friendly. If you believe, you need to add a new feature or functionality to boost your flagging sales figures all you need to do is go to OpenCart Extensions, and search for the right extension to boost the functionality of your site. The best part about this platform is that your site can be updated easily and without really pouring in money into the proceedings. The fact that it is open source means the cost of even third party extensions is not forbidding. What’s more, if you want a custom OpenCart solution, you can ask your development team to create one for you. The options are truly limitless and this is what makes OpenCart such a successful and trusted eCommerce platform.

With OpenCart you get the benefit of a thriving community of developers who keep coming up with bug fixes and new extensions. Although a very reliable platform known for its stability and high performance, there might come a time when your website might be facing a problem. It could be a functional issue or your inability to leverage the website’s potential. It is in such scenarios that you will find the active developers community to be of great help. You can place your problem in front of them and be assured they will come up with a solution for it.

End Words

The choice of the right ecommerce platform is really very important because the success of your online business depends on it. Choose the right platform and you’ll improve your chance of success, but choose the wrong one and you might regret it for a long time. So, the question is why worry about choosing the right platform, when you have OpenCart looking right at you. Make use of it and get the immense range of benefits it offers.


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