It’s All in the Details: Requirements for a Targeted Ecommerce Website

It's All in the Details: Requirements for a Targeted Ecommerce Website

There are few sayings that transcend society, like it’s all in the details. It can be applied as easily to a student’s education just as it can to a business.

While students focus on ensuring their projects have all of the required elements; merchants can apply it to nearly every aspect of their business. From the first idea, to the company’s hiring practice, to designing a functioning website, meant to support and extend the influence of the company.

Websites come with many details beginning with choosing the correct website platforms. When deciding on the exact platform to be used, merchants should keep in mind the purpose of the website. They would also benefit from learning how to turn an empty shopping cart into a money making transaction. Above all though, they need to realize consumers tend to shop with their eyes before any other senses.

What is your purpose?

Every business starts with a similar foundation, an idea and a purpose. The same methodology has to be applied to every successful eCommerce website. Anyone can launch a website, however, to launch a successful website, it must be well thought out. Your website is like another employee in your company. It has a job to do in order to make sure that your company reaches the goals you have set. There are many reasons that your website needs a purpose including:

• Focusing the efforts of your business
• A focused website with a purpose helps to clarify your message when visitors land on your site. Elements of this message should explain your company’s purpose and how you can fulfill your client’s need.

It can be difficult to determine the exact purpose of your website. If you are having trouble determining the exact need for your website, ask. Ask your customers what they would want to see in your virtual realm. Ask your staff, ask yourself. How does your website fit into the overall mission of your company?

Consumers Shop with Their Eyes First

After deciding upon the purpose of your website, the next step on the road to going is designing the site. Website design is a lot like designing the interior of a brick and mortar store. You want something that will attract potential customers and make them feel comfortable. You want to avoid elements that may be deemed a turnoff. Remember, like we eat with our eyes first, customers always shop with their eyes first before involving any of their other senses. In order to attract customers, a successful website contains a variety of elements that are visually stimulating and welcoming.

The first of these elements is one of the most basic, your color scheme. Just as certain colors may beckon passersby into a traditional store, the colors of a website can play a large role in attracting potential clients. A businesses color palate should reflect their purpose, style and the feeling they want their customer’s to have while interacting with the company. For instance, a skateboard company may choose red or another color that provokes feelings of excitement while an artist who specializes in calming landscapes may choose a soothing color.

Beyond the color scheme, another visual element to focus on is the layout of the website. Society runs at much faster pace now than it has in the past. Keep your website organized and fluid enough for even the most hurried visitor to enjoy. An organized website, like an organized office can also lead to a growth in productivity. When organizing your website’s layout, there are a few elements to keep in mind, according to Tech Republic.

• Understand your visitor’s needs.
• Use common language. Do not get too technical.
• Skip the jargon and use keywords instead.

Prior to going live test your color scheme and layout on a small sample of people who make up your target demographic.

Turn an Empty Shopping Cart into a Money Making Transaction

An empty shopping cart is not going to translate into dollars for either a traditional or a digital merchant. Turn your shopping cart into money by offering consumers a safe, easy to use format. Let them adjust amounts and other information about the order as needed to create a more personalized experience.

It’s all in the details for every business owner. From the smallest startup to a successful corporation, details can make or break the success of the company. Use this mentality to design and launch a website that will not only attract potential customers, but entice them to make a purchase. Test your design elements on a small sample, and make any changes that may be needed. Remember the more user-friendly a website is, the more people are likely to return to it.


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