Tips to Consider For a Winning PSD to WordPress Conversion

Tips to Consider For a Winning PSD to WordPress Conversion

Setting up a WordPress website using a pre-built template may help you quickly have your site up and running in no time.

However, there’s a greater possibility that your template may be used by some other business entity as well. Thus, it makes sense to customize your website theme or create a unique one from scratch, by creating a PSD and then converting it into WordPress themed site.

Today PSD to WordPress conversion has become one of the much recommended exercise for website owners, who want to build high-end sites tailored to meet their exact requirements. For beginners, however the process of converting design files to WordPress can be a daunting proposition, but performing it could yield great results. This post will take you through some of the most essential tips for a successful PSD to WordPress conversion.

Choosing the Right WordPress Version

A good place to start will be choosing an appropriate WordPress version such as 3.0 or higher for your conversion project. That’s because, this version include all the new features and latest updates. Moreover, WordPress version 3.0 support all modern browsers like Firefox, Safari and other browsers. And so, it makes it easier to turn PSD to WordPress themed site. Make sure to avoid using any version lower than 3.0 version.

Setup Permalinks

Every web page in your site has a URL, known as a permalink which helps to differentiate between those pages and identify the relevant page that your users want to view. Moreover, permalinks are very important for SEO. However, after WordPress installation a default permalink structure is enabled automatically, which is not good for SEO. And thus, make sure to change the permalink structure – for better crawling of your pages by search engines.

HTML5 and CSS3

When turning your PSD to WP format, you’ll first need to code your PSD files to HTML and CSS files format. And then, the HTML and CSS files are integrated into WordPress platform. However, make sure to hand-code your design files into the latest HTML5 and CSS3 files format to gain acceptability and compatibility across all modern browsers and major search engines.

Testing Your Design on Devices

Since people today use different devices to access a site, it becomes essential to test your site on all the major devices such as Smartphone, tablets or desktop. Therefore, while you convert your Photoshop design to WordPress version make sure that it is responsive, so that your website suits all device type that it is being viewed on.

Check Your Theme Quality

It’s very important to evaluate the quality of the website post conversion. You need to ensure that the theme is up to standards. Fortunately, there are a few WordPress plugins that come handy when it comes to testing the quality of your theme like Theme-Check plugin, Nelio AB Testing etc.

Integrate Google Analytics

It’s crucial to keep a track on how your audience interacts with your site, to ensure its success. And the best way to do so requires installing Google Analytics. This tool proves quite helpful as it help you know about the number of visitors, bouncer rate of your web pages and helps to keep a track of:

• The browser that users used to access your site.
• What did users do the site and how long they stayed on it.
• When users visit your site the most.
• Where did users come from on your website.

Include Assets For Conversion Focused Theme

Last but not the least, you’ll certainly want to boost conversion rate of your site. For this, you’ll require to generate potential leads which can be accomplished by including relevant call to actions and contact form, in order to ensure effective communication with your users without any hassles.

Let’s Wrap Up!

By turning your design files to WordPress can help you achieve some great benefits, however you need to ensure that the conversion process is carried out smoothly. For this, you need to keep a few considerations in mind. The aforementioned tips will ensure your conversion project to succeed. long-lasting success. However, make sure to keep yourself up-to-date about any recent developments or updates in web technology, so as to ensure that you’ve incorporated everything in your converted site that keeps you stay ahead of the competition.


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