UX Designer and UI Designer: How They Influence A Design

UX Designer and UI Designer: How They Influence A Design

The Designer is a broad term that makes it hard for others to instantly understand the designer’s job appropriately.

Different roles and responsibilities are covered under the “designer” umbrella. Ranging from an array of fields including industrial designs, technical designs and more, it is a diversified term for that matter the role of a designer varies from a filed to another.

Considering the tech industry, the two designing roles are rapidly evolving and has become quite crucial as per the ongoing design trends. These job titles are UX designers (that is, User Experience Designers) and UI designers (that is, User Interface Designers).

Let’s explore what do these terms actually signify within the context of the IT industry.

Indubitably, both the terms UI and UX happen to be the most imperative attributes of designing. However, most of the people are not clear with their deeper meaning. Let’s segregate them, in order to get to the meat.

When UX is followed by UI, it generates remarkable overall experience.

This can be better understood by considering the roles and responsibilities of a UX designer and UI designer individually.

User Interface Designers

UX Designer and UI Designer: How They Influence A Design

They are particularly interested in the way a product is designed, while leaving the overall feel of the product behind. Typically bothered about the User Interface only, the UI designers ensure that their design is perfectly imparting the path designed by the UX designers. They endeavor in delivering a consistent design language throughout the product. The basic responsibilities of a UI designer are to define the product behavior and ensure persistent UI elements.

The UI is basically a front line tool that facilitates user interactions with the product. It is a vitally important and robust tool that can help establish a great user experience. And that is probably the reason why diametrically the two different fields (UX and UI) are often thought of as one.

User Experience Designers

The prime aim of a UX designer is to improve the overall look and feel of the product so as to generate a great user satisfaction. They need to work in a nit-picky fashion, so they scrutinize different possible approaches to resolve a certain user-related issues. They are highly concerned about establishing a rational flow from a step to another across the product. For this, UX designer may perform beta tests and intimately observe the user’s behavior while they are accessing the product. This can help designers to analyze the stumbling issues, so that they can strive to make it better with further iterations to ultimately deliver the best UX.

The UX design is the designing discipline that basically deals with the process of establishing the consumer satisfaction and their loyalty towards the product. This can be done by boosting the product usability and interaction between the product and the user.

This is not associated with any individual attribute, but it involves the overall experience of the user with the product, and it includes accessibility, usability, offerings – essentially all the aspects of the interaction with the end users. The UX design thus considers the interaction between a user and the multiple facets associated with the product.

Influence of UI and UX designers on the overall product design

UX Designer and UI Designer: How They Influence A Design

An ill-fitted application of the two concepts can lead to useless results like product failure, thus can even adversely affect your business. However, companies find it impractical to hire professionals working separately on UI and UX. Since, both the fields are the elements of design, it would serve you well to give your designers a clear-eyed view of your individual goals, with respect to UI and UX.

For a good application or website design, it is imperative to understand the blurred thin line between the supreme design concepts, UI and UX. And, to do that efficiently, one must consider the precise relation between the two fields.

An effective UX demands much more than an appealing UI design. To thrive for an intriguing UX design, one must contemplate other aspects like usability, graphic arts, brainstorm coordination, info architecture and a lot more. This is why, it is advisable to keep the general UX design objective in mind and appropriately design your UI.

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