Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Being a part of web design industry, it’s always exciting to predict and get to know about the upcoming trends that will walk over the entire 2015.

As we know, it’s already December and Christmas is just around the corner, we can now begin to look at some of the trends that will keep shaping the world of graphic designing and will make it more competitive.

In this post, we will talk about all the major UX design trends which we can expect over the upcoming year. If you want to see what trends I have mentioned here then keep on reading the post and know what the future actually holds for the creative folks.

1. The Frequent Use of Ghost Buttons

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Ghost buttons are a leading design feature introduced in Divi 2.0. These buttons not only look classy but sophisticated in providing a delightful experience to the users. They are minimal yet stylish and work effortlessly as soon as the visitor hover on it. The year 2015 will witness how beautifully they complement with the background of a website and make it more visually appealing.

2. More Emphasis on Typography

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Traditional web kits which designers mostly used to get an access to the beautiful fonts and typefaces have been very expensive, making website owners compromise with their budget to experiment with multiple fonts. However, the scenario has been changed now, making type kits become more affordable (even free in the case of Google fonts). This means, designers now have more freedom and opportunities for designing websites using impressive typographies to improve the readability of their website.

3. Flat Design is Here to Stay in 2015

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Like it or not, but flat design is here to stay. Over the past year, Windows 8 did receive some mixed opinions from the folk about its design which is referred as “flat design”. In case you are not acquainted with the flat design, it’s a simple, elegant design coupled with clean lines and elements that appear smoothly and subtly on the screen. The design deals with realistic elements and don’t use anything that looks flashy or artificial.

4. Scrolling, not Clicking

Owing to the continuous mobile development and web design, there is an increased tendency of providing a delightful and pleasurable experience to the user. Long scrolling seems more intuitive and friendly to the user. This also reduces the loading time and creates a path for a better interaction between the user and the website.

5. Simplicity of the Design

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

With simplicity, we don’t mean that the web design will be plain, but designers will follow better usability as well as utility practices with the motive of making the user experience as seamless as possible. Websites will look more uncluttered and designers will avoid adding useless information that is not required by the user. Designers have grown mature these days and they understand well it’s only the user who decides what is actually needed on a design and not what they think or feel. Since, websites serve an important function to the user, it is important to accommodate and address their needs in the best possible manner.

6. Large and Beautiful Images

Another designing trend that will continue to dominate the upcoming year is the use of bold, beautiful background images and videos. Large images give the website a distinct appeal but only if they are high in quality, so quality shouldn’t be an area to skimp on. Sometimes large images also hamper the loading speed of a website, which also affects its ranking. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of effective optimization technique to increase the responding time of your website.

7. Micro-interactions

Web Design Trends That Are Ready To Prevail in 2015

Micro-interactions are basically small set of product moments that accomplish one task at a time. Whenever any change has been introduced like changing password, liking of a Facebook post, rate an app, or set a status message, you are actually indulging yourself with micro-interactions. They are tiny pieces of functionalities that can create a delightful experience to the user.


All the above mentioned trends are expected to shape the upcoming year with some few more tweaks. Designers will become more innovative and keep on renovating which is already existing to offer something new and fresh to their users.


Maria Mincey is qualified web development professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She works for Xicom Technologies, a offshore software development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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