What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

In the ever-growing arena of professional web design software currently available, solutions do exist to meet just about every need for the modern web designer.

A typical progression of client design flows through stages including the initial idea, transfer to digital canvas, conversion to web ready media, and finally publishing to a domain for web consumption. Each of these distinct stages of web creation requires its own piece of software which often comes from different vendors.

While it’s wonderful that modern designers can rely on these capable solutions to accomplish each phase of the web design process, wouldn’t it be great if a single platform could meet all of these needs? The professional website design studio, Webydo seems to think so and they’ve created a unique cloud-based platform to prove it.

A Web Platform by Designers, for Designers

Built from the ground up “by designers, for designers”, Webydo serves as a one-stop-shop for just about anything a professional web designer might need. The emphasis here is on “professional” too. While there’s been countless web design platforms springing onto the scene lately, almost all of them are focused on the DIYer with little in the way of true customization. These solutions are often template based and offer simple cookiecutter web sites.

Webydo sets out to be so much more. There is an option to start your website from one of the readymade design inspirations, and it certainly serves a purpose — the true power of this cloud-based design studio lies in its custom design capabilities and allowing designers to start from a completely blank canvas.

What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

Sporting a blank digital canvas much like its desktop counterparts, Webydo offers designers all the usual bells and whistles associated with graphic design. Drag and drop shapes, widgets, and any number of other elements into pixel perfect position using intelligent, context sensitive menus. Everything from site wide presets down to the nitty-gritty element details like fill and stroke can be quickly edited from the intuitive design view.

The beauty of leveraging Webydo to create your design projects is the automatic transition to web ready status. All layouts laid, elements placed, and paint brushes stroked in Webydo’s design view are automatically coded for the web quietly in the background. When you’ve finished coaxing the last elements into position, all that’s left to do is publish to the web with the simple click of a button.

What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

More Than Just Web Design

As stated before, Webydo excels at meeting every need along the design process. It’s uncanny ability to know what designers need most from their software comes from its deep relationship with over 81,000 professional designers. Webydo looks to this community to help decide what features to focus on and incorporate into future releases. This leads to a platform uniquely tailored to today’s professional web designers.

Webydo also prides itself on the ability to help designers “build their brand” by acting on these unique insights. Users of the Webydo platform can design, publish and manage all of their client projects from a single design platform housed comfortably in their favorite browse. This enables designers stay organized and focused and helps keep their brand image consistent from client to client and project to project.

What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

Webydo offers branded subdomains, team collaboration, and a dedicated account managers to premium accounts for designers to better grow their design agency. Each plan also comes with a 30 day free trial and, as always, all of Webydo’s features are free to try with the “Freemium” plan.

With a smattering of new web design platforms hitting the market on a regular basis, some form of organization and balance is needed. Webydo fits that bill perfectly. Those designers seeking a professional design platform to help build their brand, grow their client base, and streamline the whole process along the way needn’t look any further than this professional web design platform.

What Sets Webydo Apart From Other Design Platforms

This article is presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.


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