Why Online Games Owe a Lot to the Talent of the Game Designers

Why Online Games Owe a Lot to the Talent of the Game Designers

There are some fantastic games which are available on the internet these days. If you truly look at the design and the work which goes into the game you play then you will see the intricate process which is involved. Quite often when you look at a game, whether it is Scooby Doo or World of Warcraft, for the untrained eye it is difficult to comprehend how everything works. We all enjoy these games, and most of us find it mind boggling to get our heads around the fact that we can do so much via a PC screen.

When it comes to the success of online games there is one person or set of people which deserves a monumental amount of credit, and that is the game designer or designers. These people are extremely talented and without their skill and expertise no one would be able to play the games that they do today.

Games design incorporates an array of components

There are a whole host of different factors and intricacies which come together in order to create an effective game design. A lot of people get side tracked by the graphics and think that this is all that game designers are responsible for. They look at Scooby Doo for example, and they think that the designer’s job is merely to ensure that Scooby Doo and the gang look realistic and that there are some added fancy graphics incorporated along the way. However, the designer’s job is to create the full experience – making it both entertaining and interactive. Fancy graphics alone, are merely that; an image – they need to be coupled with an array of other technologies in order to offer the full game experience.

Game design is a lot more difficult than expected

The point just mentioned gives you some idea of how difficult game designing can be. It is a process which takes a lot of work and a lot of effort and is thus extremely timely. Moreover, this is not a skill which is easy to pick up. Extensive study, research and practise are needed (by garcia). If you look at the bigger picture as well you will see how many games fail to impress. There seems to be a lot more games which are a flop then which are a hit. This demonstrates how difficult game design can truly be.

Game design is essential

Without game design we quite simply would not have the online games we see today. When a part of a process is considered an essential it is then valued a lot higher. Therefore, there is no underestimating the sheer importance of a game designer.

Each game is different and thus the task at hand differs

When it comes to a lot of jobs the process is the same for each task ahead. For example, if you work in a coffee shop then you make drinks. The only time this process differs is when you for instance make a milkshake instead of a cappuccino. When it comes to game design, the process differs immensely depending on the game being made. There is not a set design procedure for any particular game; it is all about being innovative and creative with one’s thinking.

It is quite easy to see that the importance of a game designer should not be underestimated, and thus game players owe a lot to those who embark on this career path.

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Angelina is a freelance journalist. In order to research for this article she used to Cartoon Network website and reviewed cartoons such as Scooby Doo and many other kid's favorite cartoons.

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